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Shijiazhuang Taicang Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. specialize in the production of series Optical Brightener and Chemical auxiliaries, such as Ultra-fine Denier Fiber Optical Brightener white light and blue light, Polyester Fiber Optical Brightener ER、FG(low temperature white light)、FGB(low temperature blue light)、CPS(medium-high temperature white light)、CPS-D(medium-high temperature blue light); Cotton Fiber Optical Brightener MST、588、BA、4BK、SBL、CXT、DM、BBU、CF; Wool Fiber Optical Brightener SWN; Nylon Fiber Optical Brightener NFW; Acrylic and Acetate Fiber Optical Brightener BAC; Plastic Optical Brightener OB、OB-1、FP-127、KCB、KSN、DBH; Detergent Optical Brightener CBS-X that used in textile dyeing and printing、plastic、detergent、paper、paint、printing ink、ceramics, etc.






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